Research Topics

  • Model-Centric Engineering 
  • Digital Transformation 
  • Digital Engineering, Digital Twin, and Digital Thread
  • Cyber-Physical-Human-Systems 
  • Internet of Things 
  • Non-Deterministic Evolutionary Systems 
  • Integration of MBSE with Simulation Technology
  • Integration of Humans with Intelligent Systems 
  • Verification of Intelligent Systems 
  • Modeling for Continuous Development and Deployment 

  • Model-Based Verification and Testing 
  • Economic Analysis of MBSE
  • Autonomous Systems 
  • Human-Machine Teaming 
  • Human-Machine Collaborative Decision Making 
  • Role of Machine Learning in MBSE
  • Model Curation 
  • Integrating Models across Life Cycle 
  • Human-Technology Integration 
  • Modeling the System Qualities tradespace 

Call for Papers

The deadline has passed for submitting papers and we are in the process of final selections.  However, as with any event there are unforeseen circumstances which may require additional papers. Please feel free to reach out to the CSER 2020 team if you are interested.

CSER 2020 Flyer (pdf)


Instructions for Authors

  • Manuscripts should be submitted through EasyChair submission page: 
  • Manuscripts should be of 8 pages or less.
  • This length includes all figures, tables, and references.
  • Furthermore, all submissions should be an original, complete research paper.
  • No extended abstracts.